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    Representative project samples in various research areas to guide you through how Genesky’s technologies help
    researchers around the world tackle challenging research questions

    • We have had the pleasure of working with Genesky Bio-Tech on more than one occasion both experiences have been positive and I would recommend them to friends and colleagues in the future. Again I was impressed with the professional service and treatment I received.

      — Dr. Jun Zhang

    Contact us
    Genesky Bio-Tech Co.,Ltd.

    Suite# 9, NO.787 Kangqiao Road,

    Shanghai, China, 201315

    + 86 0512 62956558-815


    Please choose your interest location. We will be glad to hear from you and set up an
    appointment or give you more information about our services.

    • Tel: + 86 0512 62956558-815 
    • Skype: GeneskyBio
    • Facebook: GeneskyBio
    • Twitter: GeneskyBio
    • Email: mali@geneskies.com
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